Adult Partial Hospitalization Program in Conway, AR

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) may be the perfect level of care for men and women who can benefit from a structured treatment program, but who do not require round-the-clock care. 

Who Can Participate in PHP?

Learn who is eligible to take part in PHP at our hospital near Little Rock, Arkansas

PHP at Conway Behavioral Health Hospital is designed for adult men and women age 18 and above. If you meet one of the following criteria, PHP may be right for you: 

  • You have completed inpatient or residential programming but can benefit from step-down support as you transition out of care. 
  • You need a more intensive treatment experience than can be provided via intensive outpatient programming or traditional outpatient therapy, but your symptoms are not severe enough to require round-the-clock care. 

As is the case with all levels of care at Conway, admissions decisions for PHP are made on a person-by-person basis. 

What Disorders Are Treated in PHP?

Discover the many disorders that can be treated via PHP at Conway Behavioral Health Hospital

Our PHP is designed for adults who have been struggling with mental illness.  

As noted in the previous section, your suitability for PHP will be determined by a close review of your specific needs and goals. In general, though, the following are among the most common disorders experienced by PHP participants: anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, borderline personality disorder, and bipolar disorder.

Please note that this is just a representative sample of the types of challenges that PHP can help you overcome. If you’re experiencing one or more disorders that are not mentioned here, PHP may still be an effective option for you. To get answers to your specific questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience. 

How Does PHP Work?

Understand the fundamentals of our partial hospitalization program

At Conway, PHP services are offered five days per week, six hours each day, for a total of 30 weekly hours of treatment. Most participants remain in PHP for about three weeks. Of course, as is the case with all types and levels of care at Conway, your time in PHP will be determined by what’s best for you. 

Group therapy is the main means of treatment in PHP. You’ll participate in multiple groups during each treatment day. Groups can help you to learn more about the disorder that you’ve been experiencing and to develop the skills that will support your continued progress. The following are examples of topics that are addressed via groups in PHP: 

  • Symptom education 
  • Self-esteem 
  • Improving social skills 
  • Healthy alternative responses to triggers 
  • Anger management 
  • Communication 
  • Healthy relationships 
  • Managing symptoms 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Regulating emotions 
  • Relaxation 
  • Creative arts 

All groups are led by master’s-level clinicians or registered nurses (RNs). 

You may also participate in family therapy sessions during your time in PHP. Frequency of family therapy will be determined by your needs and preferences.  

If you are receiving prescription medications to help manage the symptoms of your disorder, you may also receive medication management services while you are in PHP with us. 

Learn More Today

If you live in or near Little Rock’s North Metro community, and you have been struggling with severe mental, behavioral, or psychiatric symptoms, Conway Behavioral Health Hospital may be the perfect place for you. 

A friendly and knowledgeable member of our team is available 24/7 to answer all of your questions and, if necessary, start the admissions process. To determine if Conway has the solutions you’ve been seeking, please don’t hesitate to call us at your earliest convenience.