About Us

Our community deserves access to comprehensive behavioral health care services.
Conway Behavioral Health Hospital is ready to provide it.

The Conway team ensures each element of our programming supports this founding principle. Whether it is the construction of our building or designing each patient room. Our patient needs come first.

Mental health disorders impact individuals at various stages of life. To provide effective mental health care, we provide age-specific programming for patients. Our adult treatment program will be the first of many to come. Within each program, patients receive tailored services addressing their unique struggles.

Conway’s team provides treatment to empower patients to make measurable progress. In all programs, our dedicated team will work in collaboration with patients and families. Conway’s staff has both superior skills and an unwavering commitment to patient-focused care.

At Conway Behavioral Health Hospital, treatment is not a passive experience. We encourage our patients to take active ownership over their recovery.

What comes after treatment can be the most critical step for a patient. Our team provides detailed discharge plans to equip each patient with ample resources and services.

At Conway Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to being a source of compassionate support and effective solutions. Our commitment to superior service begins the moment you first contact us and continues long after you or your loved one has completed treatment.